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Brief description of Beyond The End

Nineteen year old mage Samara’s research to unlock the secrets of a recently unearthed arcane manuscript hits a dead end. Out of options, Samara hires Darian, a warrior of the Manu tribe, to lead her to one of his people’s renowned seers. The secret they discover, however, leaves them entangled in a plot to tear open a portal to Hell, releasing a legion of blood-thirsty demons upon the world.


Thrown into a struggle neither fully understand, and complicated by a mutual attraction they won’t acknowledge, the pair must race hundreds of miles before the sun rises on the equinox to head off a cataclysm that only Samara can stop. And that’s all assuming Darian can keep them both alive long enough to reach their goal. But between assassins, demons, fae, and the very land itself trying to kill them, the odds are not in their favor.


No chains have ever held me but those of my own making, and the realization of this was the key that freed me.  What greater liberation is there than the understanding that we are our own jailers?

A Conversation With My Muse

(Muse shows up)

Muse: Hey, how’s it going!


Me: Hey, I haven’t seen you for a little while.


Muse: Yeah, I had important Muse sh!t to do, you know how it goes.


Me: Right…well you’re here now that’s what matters. It’s a good thing too because I’m kind of bogged down on this one scene.


Muse: Yeah that’s nice. Hey, I had a really great idea for another story! It’s about this guy–


Me: Wait, wait slow down. I’m like 85,000 words into this story and I’d really like to finish it before…


Muse: Naw, I’m telling you this idea is REALLY GOOD. So that guy…


Me: I mean…that sounds cool and all but I’d like to finish my novel by the end of summer.


Muse: Don’t get hung up on dates, and finishing stuff, and all that.


Me: What do you mean? You’re the one who told me to write it!


Muse: I just bring you ideas and inspiration.  I’m not really down with the whole “completing” stuff. It just isn’t my bag.




Muse: What?


Me: So you just blow in here whenever you feel like it, have a mad passionate affair, and leave me to raise our little novel-babies by myself?


Muse: I’m glad you finally understand the nature of our relationship.


Me:…just set money on the dresser when you leave.

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