Nineteen year old mage Samara’s research to unlock the secrets of a recently unearthed arcane manuscript hits a dead end. Out of options, Samara hires Darian, a warrior of the Manu tribe, to lead her to one of his people’s renowned seers. The secret they discover, however, leaves them entangled in a plot to tear open a portal to Hell, releasing a legion of blood-thirsty demons upon the world.


Thrown into a struggle neither fully understand, and complicated by a mutual attraction they won’t acknowledge, the pair must race hundreds of miles before the sun rises on the equinox to head off a cataclysm that only Samara can stop. And that’s all assuming Darian can keep them both alive long enough to reach their goal. But between assassins, demons, fae, and the very land itself trying to kill them, the odds are not in their favor.