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If you’ve read my book, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I can’t stress how helpful this is for new authors.


Thanks and carry on.

ATTENTION: If you received one of the early, incorrectly formatted copies of Beyond The End just click on the link and follow the steps listed and we will replace it TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE 😀

If you’re not sure what version of the book you have, just turn to the back and see if my picture is in there. If it’s there, you got a gimpy copy (hey who know, when I’m a super successful author maybe it’ll be worth something some day)

Click here


Because I have been constantly bombarded by the question: YES, I am working on the sequel now. I hope to release it sometime in spring.

I’m also working on an urban fantasy novel about a two thousand year old mummy living in modern day New Orleans that should come out around the same time.

Hey guys, Beyond The End comes out today!!! It’s available in print and ebook formats through Amazon and Barnes and Noble (and soon iBooks and Kobo).

Here’s the link to Amazon

And here the link to Barnes and Nobles

My first novel Beyond The End is available for pre-order 😀

Below is the link to Amazon, but it’s also available through Barnes and Nobles, and will be available through iBooks and Kobo after October 1st.


Beyond The End

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  1. Just finished your book and posted a review on Amazon. Great job. When is the next book due…. you kind of left us hanging there buddy…

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